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About Us

This is the area we aim to cover… Summersdale Residents Area Boundaries on Google Maps.

Previous Home Page

This is the New Website in Autumn 2023

It has been created with a free open source Wiki Engine and therefore is designed to be immediately responsive to any of several local editors. Some areas are intentionally left open for editing by any registered members. If you have; A bug?comments, suggestions, notice typos or bugs or could offer to help to maintain it, please contact me. — Dr Paul Stross 2023/08/24 The old website is largely unmaintained now, but is still there for reference and because it contains many archives.

Why Have We Made a New Site?

The old site was tricky to maintain (as a group) and did not cater well for mobile devices. It remains as a service and tribute to its designer (Michael Steel), but will no longer be the place where new content is posted after its official retirement date of 6th September 20023. The editing syntax of this site is explained here.
There is a list of Frequently asked Questions


  1. Multiple editors
  2. Instant publishing
  3. Mobile device friendly
  4. Ability to self register
  5. Variable access depending on login and group
  6. Potential to email out directly from this site (when / if implemented).

Known Limitations

  1. The search facility does not find text within downloadable PDF pages referenced, or external links.

Site Rules

  1. Be sensible and be respectful. Edits can easily be reversed and users could banned or open areas made made readonly without warning. We do not intend this site to be used to host “controversial opinions, commercials, social media type of posts or chat”. Factual local information of interest to others should dominate.
    1. New entries are not moderated, before posting, but the username of the last editor and IP address is stored and revealed at the foot of each page.
    2. In principle, the authorship of opinion pieces needs to be made explicit.
  2. It is assumed that all users will have a connection to the Chichester area and access may be blocked to non Summersdale residents. Registrations must have a lowercase user name and the Real Name (and email address) must enable us to demonstrate you to be a valid member of our FoOP or SRA community. The site user list may be arbitrarily pruned to eliminate non-SRA/FoOp members or those whose real name does not allow accurate authorship to be ascribed.
  3. Registrants who are potentially not of good standing for any reason at the webmasters absolute discretion may be placed into a separate group with arbitrarily reduced access.
  4. Use of the site and payment of the SRA membership fees is implicit but may not yet be strictly enforced. In time, the 'old email list' may gravitate towards that generated from registration to this site. We reserve the right to explicitly restrict access to those paying membership fees.
  5. You should expect the web master to prune users down to one registration each where multiple redundant logins appear to co-exist.
  6. Individuals may be placed into a restricted read only curb category group if they are deemed to require this at our discretion.
  7. The site rules are very likely to vary over time depending on how this site evolves and is used. We hope that it will continue to be appropriate to have open areas, but this will remain under review.
  8. Ownership:- Once posted for display on this site, all text, files and images become the property of the webmaster to retain, edit or delete and on site may be copied or downloaded by others.
  9. IP addresses of users are recorded.
  10. Privacy:- Your identifiers will only be used for our purposes and no others.
  11. Finance:- There is no commerce data on this site.
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