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Registration is free & easy and advert free and is only done once, it just asks for a username your real name and an email address, then click Register.
Please pick a Username that is all lower case. Your necessary automatic random password will be sent to your email address (but both can be changed subsequently under Update Profile). So, wait for this email to arrive, then login.
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You can then set your browser up to remember you and so log you in automatically next time you visit this site i.e. permanently or until you log out explicitly 1), you must have cookies enabled. Enjoy!
If you forget your password or Username / login name check your emails 2), as they will have been sent to you.
A condition of registering and login to our websites sites is that we may check your details against our paid up membership lists and subscriptions.
We do not externally share or process your data.

Paul Stross

N.B. Logging in on another device, may have the effect of logging you off the original one. This is a security feature, so you can be logged out of a machine you have now left.
You can find your login details if you search your emails for the string your userdata for SRA .
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