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Diary Start Page

You can look in the sidebar for a chronological list 1) of defined claendar events too. Each day/event has its own page. (Only editors may edit or add new events, but you can suggest one.) The calendar is best shown when shared with FoOP.

Joint Calendar

(Days with events are in yellow. Click to reveal the content. You may need to scroll sideways.)


SRA Wednesday 15th May 2024. This is the Annual Meeting with a guest speaker.

SRA Committee Meetings


Wednesday 10th April 2024
Wednesday AGM 15th May 2024
Thursday 6th June
Thursday 18th July?
Thursday 12th September
Thursday 24th October
Thursday 5th December


Thursday 16th January
Thursday 27th February
Thursday 10th April
Thursday 22nd May

Sorry, I know this calendar function is not yet ideal.
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