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Site Structure and Editing

Website Report. The idea of this site now is to enable the editors / committee members to edit their own pages without having to send text to the web site administrator. It should be much more responsive and we can open up specific areas to the (logged in) general public as appropriate. For simplicity I plan to make all the committee members into editors fairly globally (but this can evolve later).

The idea is so that we can help each other out but the understanding is that most of the time people will restrict their endeavours to their areas of responsibility. If you look at the site structure this is divided up by NameSpace. Look here as to how to add a page . It should be fairly obvious to you as to which NameSpace you have responsibility for. Often I have put this into the sidebar. Getting permissions right can be tricky as it is not so easy to walk in others shoes to see the problem. Please contact me and explain the problem, if you think I have got them wrong. — Dr Paul Stross 2023/08/22

NameSpace Purpose
lbniLate Breaking News Items
acti Activities / Clubs
arch Archived Material
info Information Pages
rest Private except for the Committee
feat Features of DokuWiki
work Work of the Committee
good Goodwood Liaison
meet Meetings and Minutes
memb Membership Matters
news Newsletter
okpk Oaklands Park
open Open area for editing
plan Planning
playground Use this for testing and doodles
recy Recycling etc.
envi Environment and Trees
webs Website Structure and suggestions


Edit here to put in suggestions for the website structure changes. If changes are implemented I may delete them from here. I suggest all the NameSpace names are four (or five) characters long for ease of use. To look at the site structure there is a sitemap link from each page.
If you get stuck you can call me on 07877 677285. — Dr Paul Stross 2023/08/18 21:25

Web Site Suggestions (Place them here)


Editing is done by the use of syntax for a simple to learn 'markup language' and with no special software i.e. just a computer or phone and a browser.
Check the FAQ.

What I Hoped to Demonstrate

How has it worked before?
This page shows just some of the Features of Dokuwiki
Black is just ordinary text,
Green is for existing hyperlinks
Red is for an as yet empty hyperlink.
How Does Security Work?
Try editing This Page Is Just For Fun?
However, This Page is Locked For Editing as an example 1).
Registation Needed For This Page

Of course, members of the 'admin' group can edit anything.
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