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Joining FoOP is easy!

FoOP membership Form is here.
To join as a Friend of Oaklands Park, Send £5 to our bank account by annual standing order,
Friends of Oaklands Park
An image of the
Statue of **Spartacus** outside Chichester Festival Theatre. Lloyds Bank
Sort Code 30-99-50
Account number 22978168

Ensure your name is on the payment details.

OR drop off cash or a cheque to 8, St Paul’s Gardens PO19 3BA.

BUT/AND in all cases, email your name, telephone number and postal address to … AND to

And that’s it! Thank You :-)

Your subscription will be due for renewal in December each year.

We will keep you informed of developments as soon as we learn of them, of our meetings and activities, and of relevant issues that arise - for example, did you know there is a proposal to construct a bund around the Park?

See below too…


Your data is held by the Secretary and Treasurer so that FoOP can function. Your details will not be given to any other party for any purpose except to Summersdale Residents Association’s webmaster so that you can access this website. But you can register to the website yourself first too. To do this please Register here 1st and then after you receive your password Log in with your username and password. 2).
Log in for the best user experience since, for example, there may be some areas which will only be visible or editable by registered users who are logged in.
For example:- you would then be able to see and edit this FoOP open feedback page. You can bookmark any page that suits you.

Shared Web Space

Note for convenience the FoOP and SRA share a common website and website registration process but with separate zones. Joining the the SRA itself (Summersdale Residents Association) is a separate process, but also encouraged and easy.
Implicitly we request you join one or both by subscription to utilise this site. You should also be local to Chichester.


Registering for …

  • This website
  • As a paid up FoOP member
  • As a paid up SRA member

Are three distinct processes and all are encouraged for those who live in the area.

You can avoid having to log in each time if you first click on the Remember me box.
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