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Volunteering Opportunities

PPG Event 25th June 2024


There are many local opportunities and special interest groups to become involved with.
Brandy Hole Copse:- The Friends of Brandy Hole Copse need more volunteers, to join the committee, as well as others to partcipate in the weekly “Green Gym” maintenance actvity and help ensure its future.
In any case, do add your support by joining as a Friend for the modest £5 annual subscripton. And if you are currently, (or have been), a member, please make sure that your contact details are up to date: for more information, and express your interest by emailing: or

Friends of Oaklands Park

Brandy Hole Copse

There is a group dedicated to this area.

Monitoring Vehicle Speeds

Guided Walk

How about making a guided walk for our area? We have the technology. Think of our landmarks, make a route and mark it out? This could be a fun project to take on. We could mark the route with NFC tags. Contact me to discuss it — Paul Stross 2024/01/06

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